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Our Services

Eighty Edwards offers a wide array of Pronto, SAP and ERP software support services at all stages of the project life cycle. These can range from initial system selection through to implementation, training and on-going operational support. Our services include:

Business System And Process Review
Ever felt that you were duplicating work? Do two separately held customer lists never match, but you don't know which is the most current? Can a supplier invoice get lost into your back office and only reappear long after you've had to make an emergency payment to a supplier to stay off credit hold? These scenarios are often the result of a business growing quickly and the supporting systems being unable to keep up.

Eighty Edwards can help by doing a complete business systems review and documenting your current processes and procedures. We can provide a current work flow and perhaps recommend some changes that may make life a lot easier!

By allowing an independent company to perform this review you're not subject to the old adages 'That's how we've always done it', 'I don't know how to use that system so I have my own' or 'Nobody showed me that'. And - of course! - we have an unbiased opinion when it comes to recommend process changes, staff training, system upgrades etc.

System or Module Implementations
Implementation costs are often dominated by the implementation consultant and project management fees. These roles are often provided by the system supplier - and without careful checks and balances these fees can quickly spiral out of control without there being a clear understanding why.

Eighty Edwards can help by providing project management skills, either leading or assisting your own project manager. Eighty Edwards have extensive experience in large and small implementations, and we can help provide our clients with an efficiently managed project that meets its scope, time and cost budgets. Eighty Edwards represents you in dealings with the provider and ensures that scheduling, training and process documentation is best for you - not best for the provider.

By employing an independent project manager you have the advantages of a knowledgeable and experienced project manager without the commitment to an on-going role once the project is complete.

System Upgrades
System upgrades can be as nerve-wracking as implementing an entirely new system or as simple of introducing a new report. At Eighty Edwards, we can provide you with an independent opinion of the impact and relevance of any upgrade to your organisation.

Do you really need to upgrade functionality to allow translations into twenty languages when you use only one? Is your current version about to become unsupported? We analyze your total situation and ask key questions that you may have overlooked.

And by using the same processes as we do with a new implementation, we can help ensure the relevance of any upgrade. We also carefully test and document all changes and manage your action register from an independent perspective.

Procedural Changes
Often modules and systems are implemented as a gradual process. An ERP may have the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable implemented at day one, but then wait six months for more specialist modules such as Project Costing, Plant Maintenance, Service etc to be implemented.

And because these modules may have an impact on the already implemented processes, procedural changes may be required throughout the business

Eighty Edwards can assess the implications of these changes and apply the same structured implementation process as with the system module implementation. This ensures that change is managed efficiently without having to take a key staff member away from normal duties.

Training Services
All businesses change from one day to another. Requirements change, procedures change, staff change - it's just on-going! It's essential, though, that as these changes occur staff are equipped to deal with them. And that means that they need to know what's going on and have the skills to deal with them

Training may need to be structured as part of a system implementation; as part of a module introduction; or simply as an ad-hoc requirement.

Eighty Edwards can provide training in all these scenarios. And by coming on-site to you we're able to use your test systems with your data, keep staff away from their desks for the minimum time necessary and often train a new process across several departments in the same training session!

Temporary Operational Support
Our company's extensive skills and knowledge across business systems allow us to provide quick, on-going support to your business across multiple departments. We're able to provide not only high level consulting, but also support and help and the sharp end!

Whether you need a Payroll Clerk for a month, an AP clerk for a week or an extra pair of hands in the Finance Department at Year End, we have trained staff able to come out to assist you for just as long as you need.

Eighty Edwards' operations staff keep up to date in all system modules and updates. We also have extensive in-house training that ensures that all of our staff are able to hit the ground running with minimum familiarisation time when on site. And by endeavouring to provide the same staff member each time you need help, knowledge and integration to your business process can become almost seamless.

Let us support you through all your staffing dramas with competitive rates and our own highly motivated staff.

General Consulting
Our skills and knowledge across business systems gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide quick on-going support to your business

Whether you need help with understanding user security, three way match invoices, Project Costing WIP to balance sheet ....... we can help!

Whether you need to understand why a report doesn't give expected results, a program crash occurs, users see different transactions..... we can help!

Need a new report, want to set up third party reporting or embedded alerts?... we can help!

And because we're an independent supplier, we don't get caught up in bureaucracy and overhead recovery! We can provide a faster and less expensive answer to many of your questions.

Our Rates

Eighty Edwards provides Pronto and other ERP software support services to clients on a time and materials basis.

Our time is charged by the hour, and our hourly rates are available on application.
Materials typically include (but are not limited to):
  • Flights as per invoice cost
  • Car hire as per invoice cost
  • Meals and accommodation as per invoice cost
  • Sundries (eg: taxi fares, parking fees etc)

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