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To illustrate the diversity of what we do, here's a short list of some of the Pronto, SAP and ERP software projects that Eighty Edwards are either currently working on or have recently completed for our clients:

Crop Cost Project
Our client needed to closely monitor crop costs from soil preparation right through to harvest and transport of the crop to the silo. We were able to implement an ERP Project Costing module to record transactions and report production costs at an individual field level, across crop groups and cost categories as well as at general ledger level for presentation to the board.

The next phase of this project is to interface to a weighbridge - the manual process is being tested right now - the automated process is at design stage. Watch this space!

Product Laboratory Testing
Several of our clients have been involved in recording test results for products ranging from food quality to cement tensile strength. We've been active in providing the business process of data collection and verification and subsequent recording and reconciliation into an ERP Laboratory module.

Another client had a need to interface a stand-alone Windows-based system to their ERP process. Eighty Edwards was able to assist with the business and program specifications for the ERP providers to customise the software and managed the testing, training and implementation of the final automated data load for our client.

HR Systems
Many clients need to keep track of employee qualifications, valid licences and tickets and to match an employee to a vacancy.

Eighty Edwards recently implemented a complete solution for a client using their current ERP providers' skeleton module and taking advantage of an active payroll module containing employee details. We provided the customised input screen and reporting options along with staff training and system documentation

This meant we were able to give the client a quick and sure way to place suitably qualified employees with current licences and tickets into the right positions. And this solution also allowed our client to show due diligence to their own clients and helped them secure a lucrative contract at a Queensland mining site.

System Deconstruction
Recently a client sold off a part of their business to a new entity. Part of the deal was to provide current and historical data where relevant.

Eighty Edwards was able to download, clean and sift the data to supply this information to the buyer and was also able to help the buyer with uploading the data into their own systems!

Business System Review
As part of our all-round consultancy service, Eighty Edwards is currently providing business system reviews to clients who are in the position of having out-grown their current systems and who need 'pointing' in the right direction.

Not all solutions include implementing ERP - one of our current clients simply needs some help with streamlining their business process to prevent double-keying!

Training is currently being conducted for a client who's new to ERP. Our client has several staff who need all-round training in all base ERP modules and also in specific modules like Inventory, Plant Maintenance and Project Costing.

Eighty Edwards is providing the training on-site, using the client's own test system and we're also cross-training staff across modules. This will provide comprehensive training for all our client's staff and it's both time- and cost-effective for our client as well.

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